January 2021  the paid in share capital from external investors amounts to one mil Dkk plus. . 

Marts 2021 it becomes possible to oder the first hand heaters  “Varme”

Oct 2012 Priority patent application filed.

April 2015 IR Focus Aps is established as a registered Company in Denmark

Sept 2015 The first private investors deposit app 9000 EUR

Dec 2015 UK patent granted

March 2016 Rewarded an ”Innobooster” grant app 40.000 EUR

May 2016 Receives 10 new prototypes of patio heaters with powered with infrared LED

May / June 2016 Field tests at 4 different sites conducted by Alexandra Institutet

Oct 2016 Visit at the Center for the Built Environment at UC Berkeley

Nov 2016 Decision to develop the hand heater as the first product

May 2017 Laboratory testing of hand heater at UC Berkeley

June 2017 Number of investors reached 8 and a total deposit 500.000 Dkk (app 67.100  EUR)

Nov 2017 First design of the Anne Qvist hand heater

May 2018 Receives 100 pcs. of the IR Focus LED panel for hand heaters 

2018 – 2019 Field test of various designs of hand heaters with the IR Focus LED panel

April 2019 Appointed as innovator to the Danish Sustainable Build forum

Nov 2019 Decision to sell products under the brand ”Varme” and acquires varme.com

Dec 2019 Laboratory testing of hand heater with the IR Focus LED panels at UC Berkeley

April 2020 US patent granted – United States Patent No. 10631369


Inventor and co-founder, dipl. engineer Søren Abildgaard: Energy transition has always been key of my work. Since 1995 I have worked with the development and design of energy conversion products including PV and solar heaters at VELUX, cooking stoves for saving firewood in Namibia (SW-Africa) and micro-CHP systems for the production of heat and power at EC Power.

I am always looking for ways to use new technology to cater for our needs in the most energy efficient manner. We cannot solve the energy problems with the technologies that created them, and therefore it is really great, that we have so many new technologies that are much more efficient, and much more controllable than traditional industrial technologies. Infrared LED offers a superior solution for a brand new paradigm of comfort heating, and that is what I am want to utlize.

Co-founder, M Econ. Michael Hyldgaard: 20 + years’ experience from international manufacturing companies with focus on accounting and sales. 3 years as the CFO of Carnitech Inc, Seattle  USA