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The hand heater  sold under the trade mark “Varme”  is developed and designed especially for heating  cold hands and  fingers  while working at the computer. Other situations  may apply and as long as it is indoors and your hands  are mostly located in the same spot in front of you that is also a possibility.
 The “varme” hand heater uses highly efficient LED heating Technology to create a personal local comfort zone. It provides a pleasant feeling of warmth that is like having your hands in the sun. The energy is  generated from the Infra Reed light bulbs and send through a special designed linses. This removes the lights and sends the heat i parallel waves towards the area you whish to heat.  An invisible  infrared spot heating very energy efficient.
When using the Hand warmer you shall bear  the following in mind. There is no direct light coming from the lamp why you do not irritate any person sitting next to you. There is no burning effect coming  from the lamp which you otherwise would expect. That  is eliminated and you feel the as coming from within.. People feel the impact between right away to a couple of minutes before the can feel it. This is due to  differences among people as where their receptors in the hand are located.
The Varme hand heater creates a warm comfort zone and ads 7 `C (12 F) to any room temperature. Varme is also introducing the measure  corrective power coming from University of California Berkeley. 
The Varme hand warmer is an energy efficient device that makes it possibly to minimize the energy consumption  and reduce of your carbon footprint.


Exampel              Prices in USD 
                              Each day in use 3 hours  in total 1095 Hours 
                               Price on electricity  0,12 USD/kwh
The varme                                                    standart heater
  Investment                                                  investment
  234                                                                        30
 power                                                              power
42 W                                                                  2000
 investment   234                                             30
expence              6                                           263
a year              
in total 1 year    240                                    293 
For more specific details please go to the kickstarter page. or send us a question.


“The concept of the Varme hand-heater is conceived by Søren Abildgaard and the industrial design has beencarried out by the Danish Designer Anne Quist. With Varme she wanted to create a design that supported the feeling of “varme” and “hygge”, and with the use of fabric, she also wanted to stress the feeling of clothing and furniture – objects close to the body and objects as part of interior design. 


Working with design is a great passion for me. I’m really interested in the object, its place in the room or the landscape and its relationship with human beings. I love the challenge and especially the challenge of something new. IR FOCUS’s technology/tconcept of using the by-product of the LED which is heat has been extremely interesting. The task in general was to ‘productify’ (homemade word) the technology into some communicative products which could attract investors and give them an idea of what the new tech could be used for. We have developed a series of different products. The ‘handwarmer’ is a favourite design of mine because it meets a demand – 10% of all people have freezing hands. Wauv – a real problem and a design solution that communicates the idea of IR FOCUS’s patent. In the design work with the development of the hand heater, I have tried to create a design that fits into different settings – the office, the gamer by the computer, the home etc. different colours in textile give a white range of options. I’m really excited about going to market with this new product.
Anne Qvist